8The actor, mwhahahahaha!
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The Actor, Jay Tavare

Ya remember that cool 1994 Live Action Street Fighter Movie? Yeah, the one with Jean Claude Van Damme? Had the whole Street Fighter storyline wrong? OF COURSE YOU DO!!!!! Well, above you see a picture of the coolest actor in the world. Why is he cool? Number 1: He won an award. Number 2: He has some Italian in him.(I think, that site wouldn't lie would they?...) 3. HE PLAYED VEGA IN THE MOVIE! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *smacks self* Ow... Anyways, I really don't know much about him cuz I can't find a site with his biography. He must like to keep his life private. Oh well, worship him!!!!!! :p All I really know is he lived in California and Europe at once and won some kinda Best Actor award. ISN'T THAT COOOOOOOOOL?!!!!


Well everyone, I finally got to talk to Jay's own manager!!! ^_^ Don't believe me? *sniff* I'm hurt... Hey! How did I get this cool Jay pic then?! :p

Let me tell you, Jay's manager is a really nice lady and I'm really glad she stumbled upon this webpage. And I was really excited when she told me Jay himself had seen it! She told me it happened while he was in Romania when he and some other actors were seeing who had the best fans online. Guess who won? ^^;

Kimberlee was nice enough to send me some Jay pics to add onto this site. They're all very nice images and they make my site look oh so pretty! hehe

I was also told Jay is gonna be in a new movie with Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and some other big names called "Cold Mountain". It takes place in the Civil War. Hehe another war movie, can we say Oscar?

She also told me in Jay's spare time, he tries to rehabilitate animals. He is an advocate with the WolfDog Rescue and the Samoyed Rescue . He is also a major activist with American Indian rights. Wow... I wonder if I can join those and get to meet him? lol!

Well, if you want to know more go to this cool site. Click HERE!!!! Thank you. ^_^

Oh yeah, about that picture...I can't remember what site I found it at. If its yours.... I'M SORRY!!!!!!

GUESS WHAT?!! I just found out.... Okay I lied, I've known this just forgot to put it up. One site did announce that Jay Tavare is opening up a fanclub in March of 2002, well March is almost over... WHERE IS IT?!!!!! >.< I demand to know! NOW!!

I just saw Executive Decision last night. Eh, Con Air was better and Jay was only in about two minutes of the movie..... AND HIS HAIR WAS SHORT!!!! *cries* ... No fair.. =*( Well, if you couldn't catch him he's at the very first where Halle Barry is in the plane, passing him while he's loading up his luggage. He's also shown again when Altar(disguised as a hairy old man) walks past him and Jay watches the man disappear into another room. Sad to say, he didn't have much of a part.

So now I've seen Street Fighter, Escape to Grizzly Mountain and Executive Decision. All I need now is Adaptation and Unbowed. Adaptation is appearing on the big screen this Summer, so thats taken care of. Unbowed is a problem. Its absolutely nowhere to rent in town and nowhere to buy online. >.< I'm not too interested in a movie where he falls in love with another woman anyways!

To tell you the truth, I have no clue! You'd think someone as wild as me would run right up to the man and hug him! But heres the story. Now sit around the camp fire children and listen.... LOL!

Ok me, and my buddy, Liz, were at Six Flags in Arlington/Dallas. It was pitch black and we were in the parking lot looking for our bus. We see these two figures walking up to us and we're like, "Oh crap! Rapists!" (we didnt really say rapists... and crap wasnt the word, hehe...)Well the guys got closer and I noticed one of them looked really really extremely close to Jay Tavare. He had the hair, skin color, nose and everything! So I'm standing here starring at this guy as he walks past us. Scary thing is, HE'S GLARING AT ME! I'm so serious! This Jay look-alike or Jay himself is giving me this glare. Like he was gonna kidnap me or something...

So thats why I didn't ask him or hug him or anything...

Other movies he's been in:
Adaptation(2002) as Matthew Osceola
Escape to Grizzly Mountain(2000) as Tukayoo
Executive Decision(1996) as a terrorist


Hehehe, poor Jeane Claude got that lil' bitty picture. Serves him right! Haha, I bet he didn't like that when he saw the magazine.


Well, you can't see that beautiful face but I'm pretty sure you all know what movie this is from, right? If you don't.... your dumb like gum. >.<

Okay, I'm pretty sure this pic is from Unbowed... I don't know, maybe. Yeah... leave me alone! -_-

Here he is with Dan somethin from Escape to Grizzly Mountain. I rented that movie. Its so cute! Wierd thing is though, he looks much younger in this 2000 movie than in Street Fighter which was 1994. Odd huh?

This pic comes from the old Sega Saturn Street Fighter game. Its his winning pose, I guess. I never played it! ^^;

I'm guessing this is a card. I'm not too sure. Though I did bid for some cards from the live action movie, if I win I'll guess I'll find out!

Thanks so much for this beautiful Jay pic, Deadeye! ^_^ I appreciate you taking your time to scan this. He looks cool as usual! ^_~

NEW IMAGES: 11/25/02

Pretty pretty pretty....

I'm gonna find out where that horse lives and buy it so I can tell everyone, "Yeah, I have the horse Jay took a picture with!"

Here he is from Adaptation. I really wanna see that movie... (Hint hint: December 16th!)

Same thing goes for that horse!

I really really really reallly really wanna see this magazine...

Yeah I know some of these images are bitmap format. If they don't load please tell me (beautifuldreamer_007@hotmail.com) and I'll change them to jpg.