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Jay's Movies

I've had some people approach me or e-mail me saying: "You seem very interested in this guy's life. Whats up with that?! Have you ever met him? (or the infamous) Are you his wife or something?" Let me tell you, I WISH!!!! :p Yes, I guess I am a bit interested in this actor's career. I have my own dream of being an actress but I wouldn't like to start out like he did. As a model. I thought at first it was because he played Vega, so this guy had some skills. But after seeing some of his other movies, he's actually quite talented, comedic and most of all, unique. You don't know how much I'd love for him to be reading this right now. Some of the best actors out there are never recognized for what they really are. Tavare seems to be getting quite popular now and I'm hoping it'd stay that way.

Have I met him? Sadly, no I haven't. I think he lives somewhere in California and my best guess is Hollywood. But its not like I'm gonna stalk him! O.O I guess I'm just being lazy and hoping some producer will stop by our playhouse and see me in action. Hey, a girl can dream right? ^_^ (Err, speaking of playhouse... I gotta audition this Summer!) I'm still awaiting for his fanclub webpage to open up. Atleast then I'd have a chance to find out more about him and keep yall up to date. I'm begging my mom to order the ICE Winter 2000 edition magazine with his biography in it. I don't know, my Birthday is coming up. Maybe then.

I really have tried to get as much information as I could. But its not like this guy is Mel Gibson! I tried to get info on a NA stars website but the webmistress sent me a piss off e-mail... ^^; No, it didn't literally say "piss off" She just said I need to e-mail his representative myself. Well, I'm sorry. But for that I need THEIR E-MAIL! >.< Ooh, people like that... Okay! I'll stop jabbin' and let yall read the little descriptions I've given on his movies. Hopefully you'll be interested. :p

Street Fighter (1994):
Oh geez, everyone has seen this. >.< It is a Street Fighter webpage after all! As you know, its stars Jean Claude Van Damme(Guile) and Raul Julia(Bison). Sadly, this was Raul Julia's last movie. (I think he died of heart problems shortly after the movie was finished.) It also stars singer Kylie Minogue as Cammy and Ming-Na Wen as Chun Li. (She also voiced in Disney's: Mulan)

Plot is: Bison has held dozens of relief workers hostage and demands a huge ransom which has to be paid within 72 hours or the hostages will lose their life. Guile must set up a plan (along with his partners, Cammy and T. Hawk) to take down Bison. So what sucks here? Well lets see... Guile, the main character?! Ryu and Ken are just street punks getting some money out of Sagot?! And whats up with Balrog being a good guy? There is a bit of an explanation:

The director wanted all sixteen original Street Fighter characters in this movie. Problem was, there were too many bad guys. So, Balrog, Cammy became good and DeeJay and Zangief became bad... errr.. that still doesn't even it up! The director also couldn't fit Fei Long in the movie yet he had room for a made-up character, Sawada? Geez... I admit, this movie needed a bit more thinking.

Executive Decision (1996):
I'm sorry... but this movie dragged! All it was, was Con Air without the escaped convicts! Anywho, it stars Kurt Russel, Steven Seigal(who only had about 20 minutes), Halle Barry, and John Leguizamo. (I know I spelt that last name wrong!!!)

The Plot: Well, a plane gets hijacked by a bunch of terrorists... eesh, thats a bit creepy. Russel and Seigal make some plan to somehow get on that plane, save the innocent and take the hijackers down. Halle Barry plays the flight stuartess who secretly helps Russel in their plan. To tell you the truth, thats about all I know. Mainly cuz I was talking on the phone through the whole thing. ^_^'

Escape to Grizzly Mountain('99-2000)
Aww! Who says kid movies are corny?! ^^; This was cute!! Starring Dan Haggerty (yes, old Grizzly Adams), Miko Hughes, and of course Jay Tavare! ^_^

The Plot: Jimmy(Hughes) wants to fit in with a bunch of bully's at school. So he heads to the circus with them. Sneaking around, Jimmy runs into a bear cub locked in a circus cage. He frees it and takes the bear up the mountain. There, he finds an old cave and gets warped into another time. 1841 to be exact! Tukayoo(Tavare) an Indian tribe's future chief is the first to find him. He takes Jimmy to Jerimiah(Haggerty) and thats where the story un-folds!!! ^_^ Eh... if I tell you too much it'll ruin the story. The only thing that sucked though was that Jay played one of those Indian's who know very BAD English. >.<