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Vega(Japanese name: Balrog)

Age: 26

Height: 186cm

Weight: 72kg

Land: Spain

Style: Spanish ninjutsu

Hobbies: Bullfighting

Occupation: Matador

As everyone knows, Vega is incredibly vain. He uses a mask to protect his face and a steel claw to destroy his opponent's. He fights using a mix of ninjutsu and bullfighting. Some call his style spanish ninjutsu.

As most matadors, Vega was born in a noble Spanish family. After his mother went under, she married an ugly man but what did she care? He had the money! Sooner or later into the marriage she had Vega. (Yay!!!) As Vega became older, he was interested in bullfighting and soon became one of the most skillfull bullfighters. However, he decided to take a twist in his hobbies and went to Japan in order to learn Ninjutsu, a style that went perfectly with his agility and speed. He took part in many street fights and soon became one of Spain's best cage fighters. Later on, he heard that his own father killed his mother and soon lost control. This is the reason why Vega can be a complete pyschopath.

Next info based on the animated series:
During his bullfighting years, a new attraction caught his eye. A Chinese fighter named Chun Li. Was it love or just obsession Vega was feeling for this woman? (Lets hope its not love. >.<) His taste for Chun Li is what angered the hell out of Ken Masters. Well, one night Ken went to one of Vega's masquarade balls and Vega challanged him to a cage match. Sadly, Vega lost and was thrown into a chandalere or something like that... -_-

So what made Bison decide he had to have Vega join Shadowloo? He loved Vega's style of being an honorable gentleman during the day, but a psychotic killer at night. O.O

Okay, I really suck a biographies. >.< Can't you tell? I think thats all I'll put for now. If you have any other information or if mine is wrong somewhere. Don't hesitate to tell me!