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Okay, I bet yall are all thinking, "Save the Bunnies? What the hell?!" But don't worry, I can explain. ^_^..... Honest!

"I like to the skin the rabbits I catch. Especially cute little bunnies like you.."

Yall remember that quote from Vega in the 1994 animated movie? Did I word it wrong? O.O I think I did! Anyways, (I promise, short story) one night my friend Kelsey stayed over and we watched the movie. Well after that part with Vega and Chun Li she was running around screaming, "Save the bunnies!" And from that day on, she calls Vega a bunny raper. The End! ^_^ Well, remembering that little thing from her I decided to make this section. Its not really a campaign... Its just here!

If your wondering about the two playboy bunnies as well...err... I thought putting pics of normal rabbits would be dumb. Besides, Vega was thinking more of these chicks than the real thing right? >.<

Royce's intro