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Yay!! I finally have a fanart entry!!! You can submit yours too! ^_^ Just e-mail me here!I really have no rules except no hentai pics because Tripod would close my account(if I still used gurlpages, i wouldnt mind them)The only thing close to hentai i can accept is like Vega with nothing on except his mask covering up a certain area. ^_^' And don't be an idiot and send me pictures where someone is killing Vega, ok? Cause you'd just be wasting your time. I'll also accept King of Fighters fanart but it will be posted on my Benimaru page.

Stefani's Art:
Vega taunting Rolento! O.O

Chibi Nemesis's art:

A cooooool sketch of Vega! Ooooooh!