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The Hufflepuff Plan

"Don't stay up too late, you don't want to look like a crying mandrake at the dance tomorrow!" Madam Sprout warned as Justin and I were trying to get her out of the common room.

"Yes, Madam Sprout, we understand," I answered, "We will get to bed very soon. Now go get some rest yourself."

"I agree with Vincent!" Justin added, "If you don't get any sleep, then no teachers will ask you to dance tomorrow!"

Sprout laughed and hit both of us on the hand, "You two are full of it! But okay, I will leave you students alone. But you get to bed soon, you hear me?"

"Yes ma'am, we will." I reassured her.

"Oh, you boys look so elegant!" Sprout complimented as she opened the door, "I'll give Hufflepuff twenty points, just for looking so good."

Madam Sprout laughed and left the common room. I sighed and closed the door. I looked up at Justin and Hannah, who were sitting on a couch.

"I can't believe she gave us twenty points just for our robes!” Justin exclaimed.

I smirked, “I can.”

Hannah rolled her eyes then looked straight at me, “Okay Vince, whats this plan you have for tomorrow? You can’t leave a fellow Hufflepuff waiting for long.”

I continued to smirk as I sat on a chair, across from the couch, “Did you notice that every year all the houses are remembered for something, except us?”

“Diggory.” Justin corrected.

I glanced over at Justin, “He died, I meant something good. We need to do something grand at this dance, something no one would have thought of doing. But I need both of yall's full attention."

Justin grinned, "Vincent, you wouldn't do anything to hurt your sweety, would you?"

"Hey, shut up!" I exclaimed, trying to cover up my red face, "I'm not going to anything that would hurt the other houses!"

Justin laughed and shrugged, "It was just a question."

"How about we put ink in all the tea pitchers?" Hannah asked, "Didn't you say you did that once at Durmstrang?"

I nodded, "Yeah, me and Terry did that at the Durmstrang dance last year. No one had anything to drink and everyone was thirsty. It was funny, but I want to do something different this year."

"So, what are we going to do?" Justin asked, looking serious.

I leaned over in my chair and smirked, "I got the idea from Hermione's muggle parents. They have this kind of gas that makes people laugh uncontrolably. I was thinking about filling the room up with it during the final song."

"It's a brilliant plan, Vincent. But, won't we start laughing as well?" Hannah asked.

I shook my head, "I've been looking through the library for a month now trying to find some kind of immunity to it. I found a spell we could use on ourselves to keep us from laughing. It will last for about six hours, so I want you two to meet me back in here an hour before the dance. Are yall in?"

Justin nodded, "Definately! I don't want to be laughing all night. If I laugh too hard, I get horrible headaches."

"I understand," I responded, "Alright, I have three gas tanks full of this stuff. It's very simple to use, an easy muggle contraption. Each of us will be in three different spots of the room, in the middle of last song, turn the knob. Lets get some sleep now. I'll meet you two back here tomorrow."

The two nodded and got up to go to their rooms.

Hannah paused and turned back to me, "What about the newest Hufflepuff, Samantha Shaefer?"

I smiled and approached Hannah, "I'm glad you asked me that. If she wants in on the plan I'll let her use my gas tank while I make sure everyone is in the right spot."

Hannah nodded, "Alright, I will tell her."

"Oh and Hannah?"


I smirked and turned to walk into my room, "I'll walk with you to the dance if you want. My date has to enter with her whole house, its their tradition. I didn't want to walk in alone, and I'm sure you don't want to either."

Hannah smiled and nodded, "That will be fine, Vincent."

I returned the nod and headed up to my room, where I ran into Justin. He seemed to be excited about the plan, we all did.