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Everyone loves pictures! ^_^ Except their own! O.O

Here is Vega....uhm... and he has his arms crossed. ^_^ And super is written on there cuz he's super. Thanks for asking! :p

Vega doesn't look very attractive in this one.. >.< I'd hate to admit...

Whoa! Posing for Friday The 13th are we?

Better watch out... O.O

Hehehehe, Akuma looks funny! And Vega looks scary....o.o

*dreamy sigh* Ah, the anime....

He's such a gentleman! ^_^

Vega is pretty as usual! ^_^ His japanese name looks wierd there though..

He was such a cute teenager!!! ^_^

Vega won! You lost! *Nelson laugh*

Hehehe, coooooooool!

Ready for my closeup!


Scary scary...

Can you find Vega? Its not hard. He's the cutest guy on there!

Vega looks cool! YAY!

Crazy teenagers! O.O

Party time!



Lets see whats behind that mask. ^_~

He looks like that one model... o.O

Hehehe, sketchy! ^_~