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I am no longer updating this site or any of my sites. I have a lot going on in my life and I just can't take the time to do this anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love Vega, and I love Street Fighter. I wouldn't have wasted a year and a half making this place if I didn't enjoy the game. So here is the last thing I shall say:

I love this page, I loved making this webpage, I love the people who visited and kept me updating, I love Jay Tavare, he is till my number one favorite actor, I love his retired manager, Kimberlee, who kept me up to date on the movies Jay is going to be in, I appreciate and love all the people who signed my guestbook with nice things to say. I've only recieved one flame, and it really gave me a good laugh.

Here is my advice to people who wish to make a webpage and to already webmasters and webmistresses: Ignore flames. Every site will get them at least once. Everyone in life is a critic, but flamers are just lonely children who have nothing better to do but complain. They get what they deserve later on. Then it will be your turn to laugh.

I will never forget the memories of making this page.




You know, we need to get one thing straight. Its not fair yes but... I don't own Vega or any other Street Fighter character. Unless something totally bizzare happens and someone approaches me one day saying, "Hey, ya want the rights to Street Fighter?" Oh my, whats the chance of that happening? They belong to those wierdos at Capcom. So now you have no reason to sue me. Right?...