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Aww, leaving so soon?... Drrrraaaaaaaagsville! = ( Well, since you have other places to look why don't you check out these other great shrines?!

Studio Blue Moon
This is the place where I found that pretty background!....If I don't give them credit they might sue me! O.O

The Fruit of Fighters
The bestest shrine to Benimaru in the world!... Hehe, self promotion. ^^

Dan's Super Dojo
A shrine to the copy off of Robert and Ryo... *nervous laugh* I couldn't help that interesting fact. Anywho, this is a great place to stop by!
One of the only up to date Chun Li shrines I've seen. Its a great place to learn about the Chinese warrior!

Sean's Vizinhanca
The only shrine I've seen to Sean. He's so mis-judged... If thats the word. O.O Well, fun place to be!

Sailor Pluto's Street Fighter Hangout
Can you say Sailor Moon meets Street Fighter?...Just kidding! ^_^ This place is so cute. The only shrine I've seen with a Street Fighter Adoption Center!

Street Fighter Web
This is the place where I got some of the pics from "The Actor" section! Its in French, yes, but its still a great place to stop by!

Street Kombat Raiders
A cute, very original shrine to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tomb Raider.

Sephiroth's Street Fighter Lair
A very very cute place with lots of Street Fighter stuff, advice from that crazy clown in Twisted Metal and of course, Sephiroth! Made by my good friend, Sarah. So go to the site! :p

Capcom Fighting Stars
Not only is this Street Fighter, its all other Capcom games as well. Place has Resident Evil(I love you Carlos!!!), Rival Schools, Megaman, etc...

Home of the World Warrior
This is a very interesting site dedicated to some of the most popular Street Fighter characters!

Cammy's Dream House
This is a fun place to check out polls, character bios and alot more on Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Rival Schools.

Video Game Martial Arts Dojo
A nice place to look at game reviews, chill at the message board and check out some cool polls!

Fighter's Generation
The ultimate source for your fighting game needs. This site has over 600 fighting game characters biographies including many pics of your favorite characters.

I won an award!!! YAY FOR ME!!!!! Thanks James from Street Kombat Raiders for this! ^_^ (I know, I need to stop being lazy and make an awards section...)

I won another award! Whats next... the grammys? Hehehe! Yeah right! Well, thanks alot Sarah of Sephiroth's Street Fighter Lair for this awsome award!

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