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Ah, rants. Everyone needs a little complaining once in awhile. It feels good to let it all out. Don't you think?.... No?.. >.< Well you don't have to be here! Well, lets get started with my rants...

Capcom vs. DragonballZ?
Well, I guess it can fit. Both shows/games love to have the jump 50 feet in the air while throwing fireballs thing. But can you see DBZ with Capcom graphics? I sure can't. Be advised that this is only a rumor and I think its a pretty pathetic one. Okay look, the idea for Capcom Vs. SNK was brilliant! It made fighting game of the year twice in a row! (Of course it had the ever-so hott guys Benimaru, Iori and Kyo in it!) *nervous laugh* Sorry, I'm a sap for SNK characters. Back to the subject. If this rumor is true I'm thinking its going to be a major downfall. DBZ is already losing its popularity so why go along with it? Please remember that these are MY opinions and flames will not be tolerated. If you don't agree with the idea or if you do, I have no problem with that. I just think this game is a bad idea.

Any flamboyant is gay...
Oh thats funny. Take it from a girl who has a shrine to Xellos, Fred Lou, Benimaru and Vega. They're always being dissed for how their character is. (Xellos isn't flamboyant, I know..) No, I am not a sexist but its mostly males who are starting things like these. I refuse to believe that the character is gay unless the creator comes out himself and says it. (Yeah, I know Fred is actually gay) I haven't heard many people say Vega is but I hear it about Benimaru all the time. Someone who owns a top KOF site was instant messaging me one day and he said, "Did you know Benimaru is gay?" Well, my response was, "Hah! Prove it, Barbie." Oh of course he pointed out Beni's uniform and his hair style. Of course I had a good explanation for it. And of course there are the losers with no life that love to flame your guestbook in Spanish telling you about how gay Beni is. I have nothing against gay people, I have a good buddy who states he's bi. But do people have anything better to do? There once was a wise man that said "You can't judge a book by its cover." And that was corny... >.< I admit, I'm a fan of yaoi and original stuff like that. But I still don't believe that Benimaru and Vega are gay. So :p

Live action movie was a mistake?
Yes, I hear it everyday. People complaining about the old '94 Van Damme movie. I know the storyline was all messed up. I mean, whats Balrog doing being a good guy and DeeJay being bad?! But I was seven when that movie came to theaters and was dazzled by it. So I grew up loving the movie. Sure they have all the characters screwed up but I can't say it sucked. Usually it bothers me when someone disses a favorite thing of mine. But when people insult this movie, I can understand where their coming from. Yeah, it wasn't the perfect video game to movie but I still loved it! ^_^ (I admit, I agree Mortal Kombat was the only video game to movie that was a hit! But the second one made Mario Bros look like it deserved an Oscar!)

I bet you didn't expect something like this! Yes, it is a bit off the subject. And I feel like my mother for what I'm about to say. >.< Awhile back my little cousin was going to a chatroom. It had a kiddy title so I let him. He used his favorite DBZ character as a name and entered. It was to my surprise that the webmistress herself was talking about nothing but sex. Disgusted, I made him log off and entered as my own name. A friend came in with me and we debated with the sickos in there. It pissed them alot to know that we wouldn't go as low as to cussing them out. I even held myself back when they dissed my honey! >.< That was hard... Anyways, the point to this rant is, if your planning to have your chatroom a free for all please put a warning. A chatroom with the title, "Pretty pretty Sailor Moon Galaxy" makes you think the place is for all ages. (No, that wasn't the title but I'm not going to mention these people.) Anyways, this place was nothing but critizism and I do NOT plan on going there anymore.