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What if they decided to make another Street Fighter movie? Would fans like it just as much as the first? Would it win any oscars?! ^_^' Well well, that might not happen. But what actors might be in it? Lets take a look at the closest look-alikes I could get. (Be nice, if you wanna submit to this you can.)

Jim Carrey as Adon

When you first look at it, you notice they both have red hair. And any fan of comedy would know Jim Carrey is the king of it. Now I find Adon pretty goofy, so that is why Jim Carrey came to mind. (Dan also came to mind for Jim, but Adon is closer) One problem: You think Jim can pull off some Muay Thai moves? Eh, some months of training and I think he could get it.

Rufus Sewell as Akuma

Right off you should see thier alikeness right? Both dark and sinister. Akuma doesn't look it in this pic, but they both play the calm dark type. You might not recognize Rufus Sewell's name but he's been in alot of famous movies like Bless the Child and A Knight's Tale. He's a very talented actor and plays the best villian I've ever seen. He's the closest to Akuma I could get, so be happy! ^_~

Antonio Banderas as T. Hawk

I bet you didn't see this one coming. ^_^ My brother didn't agree on it but I think they look alot alike. Just compare the pics, both have long hair... err thats about it. >.< Okay, maybe I'll have to think about it on this one...

Ving Rhames as Birdie

Well, bottom line to this is, Ving Rhames is one of the greatest actors. He'd be perfect for Birdie or Balrog. But I think Birdie is better. :p You'd probably notice this guy from Con Air, Lilo and Stitch, and Final Fantasy. He can already fight so what else would we need?

Brad Pitt as Cody

Aww, now this one is just cute. Both are blonde, both have a scraggly look and Brad plays just the perfect Cody. He played a convict in The Mexican so why not in Street Fighter Alpha? Can't you just image him throwing rocks at people? (lol!)

Bridgette Wilson as Cammy

Yes, Kylie Minogue played a good Cammy, but I think the woman who played Sonya in Mortal Kombat would be much better. She's got the look, the fighting abilities and you wouldn't have to worry about the movie turning into a musical.

Bruce Willis as Rolento

Heres another iffy. I think they look alot alike but Bruce Willis hasn't been much of a villian. And does he have the athletic abilities Rolento has? Dang, I haven't seen anyone who can roll as much as Rolento! That dude scares me... O.O

Val Kilmer as Charlie

Charlie is one of my favorite characters and Val Kilmer has been one of my favorite actors since Batman Forver. Val has the looks, military abilities and fighting abilities to play Charlie. I believe this is a perfect role.

Jet Li as Fei Long

Well, we can't use Bruce Lee, so Jet Li is the next best thing. He's got the moves, the looks and just about everything Fei Long has. Another perfect role.

Heath Ledger as Ken

I can see a resemblence. Both blonde, young, and rich. (lol!) Maybe teach Heath some karate and we got a good Ken Masters.

Natalie Portman as Rose

Natalie looks a bit young for Rose, but she has the talent to be her. Rose is the calm, monotone type. And what was Natalie like in Star Wars Episode 1 and 2? Hehe, I am good. :p

Robin Shou as Ryu

The only movie I've seen Robin Shou in is Mortal Kombat... can't remember the dude's name but he played the main character! ^_^ I know that much. And he was a kick-butt main character dude in Mortal Kombat, so he'd be a kick-butt Ryu in Street Fighter Alpha!

What actors should stay?

Ming Na- Chun Li
Wes Studi- Sagot
Grand L. Bush- Balrog
Peter Navy Tuiasosopo- E. Honda
Andrew Bryniarski- Zangief
Miguel A. Nez Jr.- DeeJay
Jay Tavare- Vega!!! ^_^ (I did that one last on purpose. :p He's the perfect Vega. hehe)

Characters still needed:


Got any ideas? Don't hesitate to e-mail me!