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1. So you consider yourself a villian. What evil have you commited?
A. Held dozens of relief workers hostage
B. Killed some guy's dad
C. Chopped a bull's ear off and kidnapped innocent women
D. Broke a dude's nose
E. Killed some martial artist's master

2. What are your plans?
A. To create the ultimate clone
B. Take revenge on Ryu
C. Take Chun Li
D. Become the ultimate champ
E. Wait and see what happens

3. Whats your favorite pastime?
A. Having your dolls do the work for you
B. Training
C. Admiring yourself
D. Punching a bag full of... stuff
E. Sitting infront of a waterfall meditating

4. What weapons do you use?
A. Your lackeys
B. Your knees
C. Claws
D. Your fists
E. What weapons? Just blow it all up!

5. What good guy do you wish to get your hands on?
A. Guile or Charlie
B. Adon
C. Chun Li
D. Ken
E. Ryu

6. What do you look for in a man/woman?
A. Obediance
B. Respect
C. Naughtiness
D. Attractiveness (are these even words?!)
E. Eh... your a loner!

7. If someone asks how you feel you respond with....
A. Excellent! I just burned another!
B. Go away....
C. Well, my stomach began to churn when I saw your face.
D. Alright I guess...
E. ...............

8. Your favorite animal is...
A. Panther
B. Tiger
C. Bull
D. Bunnies (playboy bunnies!)
E. Your not an animal lover...

9. Whats your reply when people call you pyschotic?
A. "Don't presume so much of my... good nature!"
B. "Ha ha ha.... You die!"
C. "Not quite... Why don't you try calling me handsome?"
D. "Shut up, foo'!"
E. ".............."

10. Your favorite class is?...
A. Biology
B. Karate
C. Sex ed
D. P.E
E. Reading

11. Your offered a smoke. Your reply is....
A. "You fool! Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?!"
B. "Amusing but not inviting."
C. "If I ever wanted to look as bad as you, I might consider."
D. "Yeah man! Share with yo' brothas!"
E. Nothing, you just walk past them.

12. Whats your opinion on cloning?
A. A fabulous idea! I need more slaves!
B. Eh... depends
C. You can't clone something as beautiful as I!
D. I don't think so....
E. You could care less...

13. What do you say when people call you evil?
A. "Why thank you."
B. "Evil? No, just a bit mad."
C. "I didn't know evil could look this good."
D. "No sh*t Sherlock!"
E. "Not evil.... Dark!"

14. Whats your response when you see something brutal/gory on T.V?
A. "Merely educational software..."
B. "Heh, I've seen worse."
C. "Quick! Take notes! Take notes!"
D. "Man, some people have no life."
E. "I don't own a T.V...."

15. Whose your favorite Street Fighter villian?
A. Bison
B. Sagat
C. Vega
D. Balrog
E. Akuma

WOW! You got this far! Didn't know you could read! :p Ha ha! I crack myself up. Now, tally up all the letters you got.

If you got Mostly A's, your personality is.....
BISON- Whoa! Your evil! Hope your not planning to rule the world someday!

Mostly B's your....
SAGOT- Your evil, but your still fair

Mostly C's your.....
VEGA- Your evil, though you care more about yourself than others.

Mostly D's your.....
BALROG- Your evil for the money

Mostly E's your....
AKUMA- Evil is exaggerating. Dark, not evil! :p

Sorry I didn't put longer bio's to what you are but.... HOW CAN I WHEN ITS FOR FREAKIN' VILLIANS?! ^^; These are so much fun. I'm gonna make one for King of Fighters!!! ^_^