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The Good Guy Street Fighter Personality Quiz

1. Your idea of a first date is.....
A. a walk around town
B. party at the beach
C. blind date, solve a mystery!
D. watching a thriller at the movies
E. front row seats to WWF
F. community service

> 2. A bomb threat was reported in your building. What do you do?
A. Protect the victims and battle it out
B. Shrug it off, leaving the situation to the cops.
C. Sneak around for clues
D. Trace the call
E. Scream: "Quick! Change the channel!"
F. Laugh, because you know you did it.

3. Your lover has been kidnapped. What do you do?
A. Stay calm and search for the kidnapper.
B. Get pissed and literally kill anyone who jokes about being the kidnapper
C. Cry and pray for hope
D. Hold a grudge for a long time
E. Put up, "Lost girlfriend or boyfriend" signs
F. Wait for Haggar to call and report his missing daughter

4. A store is being robbed. You. . .
A. Warn the burglar then attack
B. Taunt the burglar, pissing him off even more.
C. Show your badge then go into action
D. Go into action without thinking
E. Scream out about your mother country then pummel the burglar to the ground
F. Ask if the burglar remembers you

5. Your favorite time of the day is. . .
A. Early morning
B. Late night
C. Afternoon
D. Late afternoon
E. Anytime
F. Visiting hours

6. Someone asks how the party went. You reply:
A. "I didn't go."
B. "It was jumpin'!"
C. "It was fun!"
D. "I don't remember..."
E. "What party?"
F. "Tight! The cops didn't shoot me once!"

7. Whats your hobby?
A. Challanging yourself to become better
B. Goofing around
C. Solving/reading a good mystery
D. Beating people up
E. Getting beat up
F. Helping the mayor

8. Whats your favorite movie?
A. Enter the Dragon
B. Animal House
C. What Lies Beneath
D. Mission Impossible
E. Ready to Rumble
F. Con Air

9. Whats your favorite class?
A. Athletics
B. Lunch
C. Literature
D. P.E
E. Language
F. Track

10. Your favorite King of Fighter is...
A. Kyo
B. Terry
C. Mai
D. Leona
E. Raiden
F. K'

11. An old lady needs help crossing the street. You. . .
A. Help her across without a word
B. Offer her a ride
C. Start a nice conversation while helping
D. Run past her, not even noticing
E. Scare her off, she'll get across faster that way!
F. Laugh and push her out of your way

12. Your offered a smoke. Your reply is. . .
A. "No thanks. I care about my health."
B. "Hahahahahaha!..... No!"
C. "No thank you. You shouldn't smoke either."
D. "I don't know. . ."
E. "In my mother country, smoking is considered bad."
F. "Hey, got some beer with that?!"

13. Congratulations! You have won a million dollars! You. . .
A. Keep half the money and give the rest to charity.
B. Eh... pocketchange!
C. Save the money for a good cause.
D. Go wild and spend it on yourself.
E. Keep it and show off
F. Laugh in people's faces as your bailed then cause more havoc.

14. You fight with. . .
A. Honor
B. Confidence
C. Respect
D. Orders
E. Bravery
F. Rocks and knives

15. Your Street Fighter idol is. . .
A. Ryu
B. Ken
C. Chun Li
D. Cammy
E. Zangief
F. Cody

If you got mostly A's your personality is....

Your smarter and stronger than most people make you out to be. In emergencies you stay calm and work things out almost perfectly. Yet you know your not perfect and are not afraid to admit it. You don't act arrogant when people gloat or compliment you. You just reply with a simple "Thank you." or "I'm sorry, but your mistaken. I'm not all that great." One problem, no matter what you do, your never happy. After you acheive one goal, you go on to the next. Take a break and enjoy life!

If you got mostly B's your personality is....

Your life is nothing but a big party and hot dates. Your in love with life and you believe your the best thing on God's green Earth. Reality check, dear. Your not! Okay, maybe I am a bit wrong. But you do tend to get over confident and have a tendency to yell, "Yatazae!" (I win!) Yes, you maybe popular and loved by many but theres always that one guy thats one step ahead of you. Stay calm, you'll beat him/her soon!

If you got mostly C's your personality is....

Your very bright, attractive, and loved by many. Sounds like the perfect life. But theres always one thing that makes it not so perfect. People will judge you and they will challange you. Some don't think your that smart or attractive and will challange you to a dual of greatness. Most of time, you will come out as the winner. You love to solve mysteries and help others which is the main reason why you are so loved.

If you got mostly D's your personality is....

Look at you! Very witty, very attractive, but lacking in the brains department. You like to go into things without thinking or even wondering what the consequences are. You tend to follow the orders of people bigger or stronger than you and never stick up for yourself. But on the other hand, if things get way out of hand you learn to stick up for yourself and try not to be so bossy. You love action or anything that has to do with kicking ass. Yet, you tend to be a bit forgetfull.

If you got mostly E's your personality is....

Your a fun loving guy with a bit of a temper! You believe that peace is the way and pummel anyone who dares to touch your loved ones. Yes you do have a funny side but some people tend to call you an idiot or just give you that look. But what do you care? They're only opinions! Maybe you do act a bit foolish and do things you look back on and regret. But you don't let things like that get you down. So stop being a DC (dazed and confused) and show people what your made of!

If you got mostly F's your personality is.....

CODY So what title do you prefer? Troublemaker or class clown? Yeah, some people like you. But thats because they're your friends. Others might be too scared or disgusted by yourt juvinile ways. I mean, what kind of man would push an old lady into the street?! Get some respect, dude! What happened to that fun loving personality? Remember when you were looked up to? All that power go to your head? Pfft! Don't let the door hit your butt on the way out. Am I being too cruel? Well, theres hope that you'll turn back into your old self. Your still loving, right?