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Please read the entry page.

I FEEL SO BAD!!!! *cries forever* I haven't updated in months and I missed this site's birthday!!! I really feel terrible. I just went looking through all these SF sites and a lot said my shrine was highly recommended. I don't want to let anyone down!!! Hotmail crashed on me and I lost all fanart, website submissions, and SFA actor ideas! So PLEASE send them again! I seriously think people thought I was dead. Someone even took the Jay Tavare pics I had on this and posted them on their's. (One pic was one Jay's manager scanned for me, ugh I can't believe that person couldn't ASK!)

Anyways, I am moving in 3 weeks so expect a BIG update in May! I promise!

Did you know? Jean Claude Van Damme just signed for a new Street Fighter movie! I don't have all the details but the news was posted here!

YAY! Thanksgiving break! No school for a week! Well, I have a kinda big update. New information and lots of pics were added to the actor section. A fanart pic from Chibi Nemesis and a few new links!

I know, I know. Its been 2 months. But school has just started and I'm barely through with drivers ed. (yes, I passed. :p) I added a Street Fighter Alpha movie actors section, so go check that out. And added a diary entry. Next update will probably be next weekend. That will include fanart and more info on Jay Tavare. Yep, you heard me. I've been getting some very cool e-mails lately and now I can post more on the coolest Vega actor around. So keep checking for more updates.

I told you soon! :p But did you believe me? Noooooo!!! Well, I won an award from Sarah! Yay for me!!! I am cool! When I get a third award I'll make an awards section. IF I get a third award. Hehe... But for now you can see them in the links section. I also added another Jay pic to The Actor section.

I can't believe its been a month... damn! Well, I just got back from Dallas, WITH A 40 DOLLAR SHATTERED GLASS BOTTLE!... stupid b*tches that threw my bag... I cried all the way home. >.< Anyways, I added a link and somemore stuff on Jay Tavare. I THINK I SAW HIM AT SIX FLAGS!!!... I'm paranoid. But you can see that story in the actor section. I tried to add the award Sarah gave me but Tripod are being a bunch of hootchies! grr.... More updates soon.... soon... SOON!

I'm sowwy!!! Its been a month since I last updated!! >.< School happens and laziness happens. Added a link so go check that out and a new pic of Jay submitted by Deadeye. Thanks!!! ^_^

I won an award!!! YAY FOR MEEEEE! You can see the award in the links section. Thanks James! I also added a Street Fighter Personality Quiz. Have fun! ^_^

Fanart submitted by Stefani! ^_^ Thanks Stefani!! Also, a few more pics to the actor section.

Well, people were asking for me to make some thumbnails so I did! Theres a whole new image section with even more Vega pics! Now, I'm moving onto my fanfic section. If anyone would like to contribute, please do!

Alrighty, I'm trying not to be lazy and I just got un-grounded. YAY! I added a new link and a rants section. I need to fix my messy images section now...

Sssh! I'm grounded! So i could only add a pic to the Actor section. Jay is so HOT! Go check it out! :p I promise I'll add more links soon.