Rei from the manga Mars, is the closest resemblence to Vincent Lockhart

The Introduction to Vincent Lockhart

When people think of the name Lockhart they're ready to roll their eyes and scream out "FRAUD!!" Well, that is the life Vincent Lockhart must put up with everyday. One mistake his uncle makes and his popularity drops rapidly. Fans rip his posters infront of him, girls look at him in disgust, and his own friends poke fun at him.

How would that make you feel?

Up until the end of his third year at Durmstrang, Vincent was a self-assured, arrogant boy. The girls loved him and every guy felt special just to stand near him. Aside from Potter, Vincent was just as popular. He was used to the fame, but he still felt emptiness up until his uncle admitted that he was a fraud. Then Vincent knew the real him and he began to question more about his past and his life.

Vincent's parents died when he was only a few months old. He is still unaware of the accident. His uncle, Gilderoy, whom he lives with does not want to be reminded of the their deaths. All he tells Vincent is that he would have been disgusted by his parents' actions. Still, every teenage boy is going to be curious.

Vincent Lockhart is not your average teenage student. Suffering from family pressure and parental loss, Vincent has many different personalities. Aside from the teenage mood swings, he is a defender, entertainer, fighter, discriminator, writer, actor, a smoker, a lover, a sports player, a user, a hater, a laugher, and just an ordinary student. But the most important thing about Vincent is that he is a survivor. After taking in so much, he still lives and he still goes on. That is what matters most.

This story my friends, is a story of a teenager like any teenager. That decides to live life his way instead of in the shadow of fame.

In the Shadow of Fame - Prolouge
The Diary of Vincent Lockhart
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