In the Shadow of Fame The story of Vincent Lockhart - Chapter One

“Just play it like any old game, Vince,” said Terry Downsel, a fourth year from Durmstrang. Not only a popular, handsome, dark-haired boy, but one of Vincent’s closest and most trusted friends.

Vincent flashed an arrogant smile and nodded to his friend. He brushed his fingers through his long, wavy blonde hair while looking through the roaring stands. “Don’t I always, Terry?” he asked with a self-assured attitude.

But that was Vincent Lockhart for you. He was always self-assured. He never had anything to worry about. He was popular, as was his uncle, the famous book writer Gilderoy Lockhart. That’s where Vincent inherited the most-charming smile award from, his Uncle Gilderoy.

He was dashing in looks as well. His hair was always silky smooth and just perfect in the sunlight. His deep green eyes looked like a field you could look into for miles and miles and never see the end. He took very great care in his skin as well. No matter what season it was, he always had a light tan.

Just like a member to a popular boy band, Vincent was loved by the girls. Every time his name was mentioned, there was a blush on some lady’s face. There was also sobbing going around the school when the girls would see Vincent walking down the hall, hand in hand with his girlfriend. Even the upper class girls were in love with him, it was odd to see a seventh year go on about a third year boy.

“Get your mind out of the girl’s skirts!” Viktor Krum hissed. He glared at Vincent, who threw a disgusted look back.

“Don’t throw a fit because you messed up your own face.” Vincent remarked, looking only a bit irked.

Viktor looked away from Vincent and brushed his fingers over his nose that had been broken dozens of times before. How did Vincent always find a way to avoid damaging his face? It was too perfect for his liking.

Terry sighed and shook his head. He rolled his eyes and glanced out at the audience awaiting another exciting Quidditch game. “Looks like a full house tonight.” He pointed out in his Australian accent. Terry was always best at changing the subject.

Vincent nodded and flashed another smile, “Of course it is.” He poked his head out of the doorway that led to Quidditch field and screamed out, “I can’t hear you!” Suddenly, the roar of the audience was twice as loud, mainly girls were screaming.

Terry laughed and shook his head, Viktor rolled his eyes, and Vincent turned to the other two and smirked.

The sound of the announcer’s horn meant it was time to fly out onto the field. Viktor turned to Vincent and starred straight into the third year boy’s eyes, “Remember, you’re only a chaser. I’m the seeker; I win the game, not a little chaser. You got it?”

Vincent sighed and nodded, “Yes, yes, I know. But someday I will be keeper.” “Someday is never.” Viktor quoted. He hopped onto his broom and flew out onto the field. The crowd grew louder.

Terry grasped Vincent’s shoulder and gave him a reassuring grin, “Don’t listen to him. Just because you’re a chaser does not mean you’re not an important part of the game. You bring us the fans.”

Vincent smiled and nodded to his friend, “Thanks Terry.”

Terry picked up his club and winked. He hopped onto his broom and flew out with the other beater. The crowd became slightly louder.

“You ready Vincent?” asked Jamie, another chaser and love interest of Vincent’s. Vincent smirked and winked to the older chaser, “Couldn’t be even more ready than now. Let’s do this!”

Jamie blushed and flew out onto the field with the third chaser. The keeper gave Vincent a weak smile; he knew the crowd liked it better when Vincent was the last to come out, so he flew out onto the field. Vincent watched him and hopped onto his broom. He took a deep breath and pushed off the ground. Before he could make it to the field, a strong arm pulled him back into the room. Vincent gasped and fell off his broom and onto the floor.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Vincent spat, jumping to his feet. He noticed that the Ministry of Magic was standing before him and his headmaster. Vincent straightened up and ran a hand through his hair. He cleared his throat and threw Karkaroff a confused look.

Karkaroff shrugged and looked towards Cornelius Fudge. Fudge looked back at him then to Vincent. He smiled and approached the student.

“I have news about your uncle,” he began.

Vincent rolled his eyes, “I already told him I wasn’t going to help him in another book signing. It’s not my fault if his hand gets cramped.”

Both Cornelius and Karkaroff gave Vincent a surprised look. Vincent realized what he had said and blushed. He ran a hand through his hair again and tried to play it cool, “I mean, I told him I didn’t have time to go on his tour, with me being in school and all. Wait; isn’t he supposed to be at Hogwarts?”

Cornelius sighed, his smile had disappeared. “No Vincent, I have terrible news. Maybe you should sit down.”

Vincent starred at Cornelius. He looked very curious, “I’ll stand, thank you,” he answered in his arrogant tone.

“Very well then,” Cornelius nodded, “You will not be going home with your uncle this summer.”

“You can’t say it so plainly!” Karkaroff pointed out, trying to keep his calm.

“What?! Why?!” Vincent exclaimed.

“Let him explain,” Karkaroff pleaded.

Vincent nodded and looked back to Cornelius.

“Now listen to me, Vincent, it is very hard to tell you this. Your uncle was attacked by a memory charm and has lost memory about everything. He doesn’t even know who he is. We can’t have you living with your uncle when he is in that state.” Fudge explained.

Vincent became silent, his breathing seemed to stop. “My uncle has amnesia?” he thought, “What will happen to me?” Vincent stumbled backwards until he hit against a wall. He slid down the wall until he was sitting. He looked away from everyone and continued to be silent.

“Vincent?” Karkaroff said gently, “Boy, are you okay?”

“I don’t understand,” Vincent responded, “How? How did he lose his memory? My uncle is the greatest most heroic man in this wizardry world! A measly little memory charm couldn’t hurt him.”

“Not exactly, Vincent.” Cornelius answered, he was trying to be nice about the situation, “Your uncle wasn’t truthful with his heroic tales.”

“What author isn’t?” Vincent asked.

“No son, your uncle stole those stories from other authors. He is a fraud, I’m afraid to say. Sad deal though, I admit I was a fan of his novels.” Fudge tisked and shook his head.

Vincent couldn’t actually respond to this. He knew his uncle was a fraud but he wasn’t going to tattle. That man’s lies gave him clothing and food and popularity. Now it was all gone, just like that.

“Who did this?” Vincent finally asked, his tone sounded bitter as he gritted his teeth.

“It was a backfire, Vincent.” Karkaroff replied.

“Whose memory was he trying to take, headmaster?”

Karkaroff was silent for a moment. Fudge gave him a nod and Karkaroff answered briefly, “Harry Potter and one of his friends.”

“I’m an orphan again…” Vincent whispered, as if he didn’t hear the answer, even though he did. “I have nowhere to go…”

“You’re not an orphan!” Karkaroff exclaimed. Cornelius and Vincent gave Karkaroff a confused look. Karkaroff straightened up and stuttered the words: “Because… I… I w-will take you… in!”

Cornelius’s face brightened up at these words, “You will?! That is splendid! Vincent, did you hear that?”

Vincent starred at Karkaroff in disbelief. “Are you serious?” he asked.

“Of course I am!” Karkaroff remarked.

Vincent smiled, but it was a fake smile. He looked away from the joyous adults and hugged his knees. He sobbed silently into his arms. His reputation was ruined. He was just an ordinary student….

~* Later that night…. *~

Terry entered the dorm he shared with Vincent and another mate. He quickly shut the door and looked around for Vincent. He saw him sitting on the floor against his bed, starring into space.

Terry shook his head and sat next to Vincent, “Hey man,” he greeted, “What’s going on that made you miss the game?”

Vincent continued to stare into space as he responded to his friend, “Did we win?” he asked.

Terry looked in the direction Vincent was looking to see if could figure out what his friend was looking at. “Yeah, we still won. Our crowd wasn’t as loud and supportive though.”

“They never will be again,” Vincent explained. He looked at Terry and smiled weakly, “My uncle is a fake.”

“What?!” Terry gasped.

“Cornelius Fudge paid me a visit, said my uncle was sent to the nut house. I have to stay at the school the whole summer; I have nowhere else to go. He assured me that I would still be supported with my uncle’s inheritance.”

“Your uncle had his inheritance all ready for you? It’s like he was prepared for something like that to happen. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know,” Vincent shrugged, “Terry, you’re the only one who knows. Please, I could lose everything.”

“I understand,” Terry nodded, “Your secret is safe with me.”

Vincent smiled. The rustling of bed sheets interrupted the short silence. Vincent jumped and looked towards the bed their roommate was sleeping in.

“You think he heard?” Vincent asked.

“Nah,” Terry laughed, “That boy could sleep through an earthquake. Don’t worry about it. Get some sleep.”

Vincent nodded, “Alright, I have to send Angel an owl first though.”

Terry sighed and walked over to his bed. He didn’t like Angel that much, but he wasn’t going to say anything. Angel L’Amour was Vincent’s current girlfriend. She was very pushy and protective. Angel was the type little kids would call a bully. No one really knew what Vincent saw in her; it’s not that he was scared of her though.

As Vincent pulled out a piece of parchment, he knew from then on that his life would never be the same…

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